who cooks for you who cooks for you all

10 loudspeakers with modified ping pong balls suspended
in 8 loudspeaker cabinets, painted wall plate in a cabinet
lights, infrasound, synthetic voices

who cooks for you who cooks for you all refers to a common onomatopoetical translation of a barred owl's call. this sentence (or question) is interpreted as a code and allows for an owl's call to be born out of the spirit of human language. the sentence is articulated by synthetic voices in various accents and takes the shape of audio captchas. time and again these audio captchas descend in frequency until they reach the infrasound region. these non-audible frequencies merely produce a gentle air stream emanating from the rear side of the loudspeaker chassis and thereby animate modified ping-pong balls to resonate in a bird like fashion.




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