2011 - 2013

bodybuilding is based on a trip to rio de janeiro in december 2010. the three-sided largo do guimaraes on the hills of santa teresa became the point of reference. it's name, urban situation and sonic appearance get acoustically triangulated. in a studio setting this field trip into an urban environment becomes a sonic body building. at the end stands a place in ideal shape - an artificial body.

bodybuilding was originally commissioned by deutschlandradio kultur for their soundart program. the resulting radio play (in german language) had it's premiere broadcast in summer 2011 and was awarded the karl-sczuka-prize for radio art in 2012.
to present it to live audiences a performative version with staged elements was developed and exists in both german and english versions. 
and finally the english version was published by
> errant bodies records in 2013.

>  radio play


largo do guimaraes